Retirement Planning and Investment Services

We specialise in creating personalised plans that empower our clients with confidence. Our advisers offer comprehensive investment advice and specialise in creating quality financial plans to manage your investments or prepare for retirement.

You’ve worked hard to build your wealth, now make sure it works for you with our tailored retirement planning and investment services.

After working hard to accumulate your capital, you need an adviser who will work just as hard to make it last. We’ll be here with you for the long term – many of our clients have been with us for 20 years or more, building a legacy to pass on to future generations.

DecisionMakers provide active management of your portfolio where you can enjoy the advantage of our wealth of experience to make the most of your money. We care about seeing our clients succeed and draw on a range of investment products, international research resources, and a network of experts to provide the best for you. 

We also provide consolidated, easy to read reports that encompass all your investments in plain and simple English, so you can keep track of progress and feel confident in your position.


Look forward to a stress-free future with our tailor-made retirement plans.

The work you do now in relation to both your career and financial planning, will set you up for retirement. You’ve dedicated years to getting where you are, now you want to make the most of it. With your retirement on the horizon, it’s more important than ever to maximise your savings and ensure you get the lifestyle you deserve.

It can be overwhelming to look at your current financial situation and create meaningful change, but we’re here to make that process easier. We’ll be your steady hand on the tiller, helping you achieve solid performance from your investment no matter the economic weather. 

We’ll help you find the way forward with your finances and create a plan to get you where you want to be. It's not too late to start planning – contact us and get started today.


Our trusted advisers are dedicated to you and your financial goals, no matter what is happening in the markets.

We design bespoke portfolios for each client and offer quarterly reporting as well as 24/7 online report access. We actively manage your portfolio. When you work with us there's no set-and-forget mentality that misses prime opportunities. 

Our expertise enables us to manage risk and results according to your level of comfort, to deliver financial results you can enjoy with confidence. 

Ask us about our Risk Tolerance Assessment

There is always a risk when investing, just as there is risk involved in anything. We can’t reduce the risk completely, but we can create an investment plan that matches your tolerance for risk. Talk to us today about our risk tolerance assessment, or start your assessment now by registering below.


"Always available to answer any questions I have, and I like that they are answered in a way I can understand instead of inundating me with financial jargon. Likewise, the quarterly reports are easy to understand and are accompanied by a newsletter which I always find an interesting and informative read. I’m particularly impressed with the way my portfolio is tailored to my needs and incorporates my personal values, and the extent to which Phil is responsive to changes in the market and recommends portfolio changes."

Ann - Tauranga

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Contact our team to book in your free initial meeting where we’ll discuss your goals, your intentions, and your current situation. 

Collect & Analyse

Once we know where you’re heading, we’ll start collecting data for analysis and creating your financial plan. We’ll document your current situation, what makes you tick, and what you want to achieve financially. 

Realistic Planning

We'll create a financial plan that’s realistic and achievable, before presenting it and supporting you to make your decisions. With our tools, resources and experience we can spell out the best options for your future. 

Implementation & Review

Once you’ve made an informed decision, we’ll help you to implement your plan. With a robust investment plan activated, we’ll continue to review your progress to ensure you reach your goals.

Make your first decision the right one.

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